Map Settings 

One fun thing about your Listing Village website is the ability to customize it.  You will be able to add special icons to your site.  Imagine it’s Christmastime and the houses look like gingerbread houses and the vacant lots look like Christmas trees.  We want your buyers to come back to your site again and again to find something new.

The Map Settings tab is where you choose the starting location of your map and customize the different icons that your Homebuyer sees. In the drop down menu, select which city in your MLS you want your map’s starting point to be. If you wanna be creative and customize your icons, hit the blue upload button in the icon fields and upload the icons you would like to switch out. There are icons for residential properties, vacant land, and open houses as well as icons for property clusters when you’re zoomed out on the map and one to show which property you currently have selected. Once you’re happy with how everything looks, hit “save”! If you ever want to go back to the original icons, just hit the “clear icons” button and hit “save”!

Custom Icons

Below we have some custom icons that you can download and use on your site to make it uniquely you.  On a computer, click on the link and a Zip file will download on to your computer.  It is a file that contains the 8 icon files.  Your computer might automatically recognize the file and “unzip” it and turn it into a folder.  If not, you can right click your file and click on “Expand”, which is another word for “unzipping the file”.