Frequently Asked Questions

Is the domain name and hosting included?

Yes! We provide you with a new domain name for no extra cost along with monthly hosting. However, if you have a domain name already that you’d like to use, you’re welcome to use that instead!


Is there a setup fee?

No setup fee! You’ll simply choose from one of our templated themes and customize your site with our easy-to-use Website Editor. Get your website set up in less than 15 minutes!


Why do I need my own website?

Having your own website with your own home search map allows you to establish your online presence, where most Homebuyers are searching! It also provides you with a map to send your Homebuyers to, where your face is on every listing and each one prompts Homebuyers to call you.


Can I track what Homebuyers are looking at?

Yes! You’re provided with every listing they save to their favorites in the CRM, but we also show you every listing each Homebuyer views! This gives you a trend of what they’re searching for, helping you qualify the lead and making sure you’re never left in the dark!


Do you have lead capture?

Yes! We’ve tested and balanced our map’s lead capture to not be too aggressive, which most real estate maps are notorious for. This helps qualify leads and keeps them searching on your map. No more losing leads to Zillow!


Can I advertise through my website?

Yes! Our advertising algorithm pinpoints highly potential Homebuyers on Facebook and Instagram for you using our custom audience data. No more dealing with an ad manager that looks like the cockpit of a 747 and wondering if you’re reaching the right audience or throwing your money away. Make your ad dollars go further!


What if I don’t have any listings?

Through Broker Reciprocity, brokers allow others to display their listings online. This is extremely helpful for new agents or agents who are simply low on listings for the time being You never have to be “out of stock”!