Featured Listings 

Through the beauty of Broker Reciprocity, you are able to feature and share homes from the MLS on your website.  These homes can be from your own company, or from your other Realtor friends.   Always be sure to ask when you are sharing a home.  Let others know that they can have their own Listing Village website, too!

What is Broker Reciprocity?

Broker Reciprocity is a system where brokers give each other permission to display their listings on each other’s web sites. Brokers who participate in the program through CARMLS can display all of each other’s active listings. 

Broker Reciprocity: Putting Realtors in control of listings on the Internet

The Broker Reciprocity service allows participating brokers to display each other’s listings on their own websites, or on individual Realtor websites. This approach provides several advantages:

  • Realtor web sites can become the best source of listing data. The number of listings in the reciprocal database can easily reach and even exceed the number on other popular sites.
  • When consumers visit the web sites of reciprocal brokers and Realtors, they may stay longer because they have more listing data to offer. These sites also offer easier interfaces for consumers, since many other sites are “cluttered” with non-listing content. This will be a critical factor in Realtor success.

There are a number of MLS rules that govern Broker Reciprocity Web sites. A broker’s website must indicate the listing broker’s name on each listing displayed and give credit to the regional MLS as the source of any listing not owned by the broker.  Brokers will be able to update their websites with fresh MLS data and pictures at least daily, depending on the type of data access selected.

Your Listing Village website automatically posts the listing broker, MLS number and MLS at the bottom of every Property Card.  And, most importantly, your Listing Village website updates every 10 minutes, so if it’s not on the market, it’s not on your map.