Facebook Advertising with Listing Village

Jun 7, 2019

 Advertising your listings helps you reach beyond just your immediate social network! We’ve developed our custom audience data to pinpoint highly potential Homebuyers on Facebook and Instagram for you, so you can take the stress and guess-work out of advertising and make your ad dollars go further.

  • In your Dashboard, click the “Share” button on the listing you’d like to promote.
  • Take the slider and slide it to the right to select the amount of money you’d like to put behind your promotion. Of course, more money behind your promotion will give you a better reach.
  • Click “Build Post” and it will generate a preview of your ad.
  • You can change the sample text and use emojis to say something eye-catching and compelling in your ad’s text! Example: “Check out this beautifully remodeled home with the most CHARMING country kitchen! 😍 3 bedroom, 2 baths.”
  • Choose which photo you’d like to to display in the ad. Select your favorite one and hit “refresh preview” to see your changes.

After you’ve made all your changes, click “Start Campaign”. Your add will run for 7 days, but you can check in daily to see views and engagements! At the end of the campaign, you’ll receive a complete Seller’s Report for your review which you can give to your seller to show the marketing efforts you’re providing for their listing.

Watch as Matt, Jacob and Landon demo how it all works in our Dev Diary. 😎


Where do my ads go?

Your ads will go to all of Facebook’s placements just as if you created a Facebook ad! That means every placement on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and Facebook’s Audience Network. Yes, stories, too! For a complete list of where the ads will go, click here.

How do I write good copy for my ads?

Pretend you’re a home buyer…Think about what would make you want to click on that home! Mention unique and attractive features of the home to entice buyers to click through to see more. Also, emojis have been shown to help increase the click-through rate, so don’t hesitate to put a heart eye 😍 or fire emoji 🔥 to show how hot the listing is!

Is there a way to run my listing advertisements automatically?

Yes! Go into the Edit Site section of your website and click on the Automated Advertising tab. It allows you to set your weekly budget that you’d like to put towards advertising your listings and will run a campaign for each listing weekly.