Sharing Featured Homes

“I’ve gotten more Homebuyers by sharing Featured Homes three times a week with Listing Village than by paying Zillow and combined!”        – M. P. Sheridan, AR

Yes, it’s that easy!

When you share a listing to social media, you’ve pique’d your Homebuyer’s interest and they’ll typically want to view at least 4 other homes. Each Featured Home you share takes them back to your map, where you have every listing on the market and your face is on every listing. They can safely search for their dream home – and you won’t have to worry about them being sold off as leads to someone else.

By the way, using emojis in your social media posts is a GREAT way to catch your Homebuyer’s eye and make your posts stand out! 😍✨ You can easily copy and paste emojis at if you’re sharing listings on a desktop.