Listing Alerts 

Setting up Listing Alerts and Drip Campaign emails allows you to set specific areas and search criteria for your Homebuyers so they’re automatically updated any time there’s a price change or a new home on the market that matches what they’re searching for.

  • Instant Listing Alerts will update your Homebuyers within 10 minutes of a new listing or price change
  • Drip Campaign emails will go out weekly and are ideal for your referral network or for Homebuyers who are 6-12 months out from actually starting the home buying process
  • Set areas such as cities, school zones, and neighborhoods for their alerts or draw a custom area specific to that Homebuyer

Once you set all their search criteria, you can view and email that initial list directly to your client. After that, any new listings or price changes will automatically go out once you save their preferences!